Is music the soundtrack to your life but you feel like you can't find anything to ignite your soul? Join Mod Marty as he delves into the sounds and complexities of Mod and Soul music. If you need help discovering new sounds and need a little more variety in your musical diet, this is the podcast for you!

Show Notes

The Playlist Is:

"Topsy 65"
Hal Blaine  
- Dunhill

"Tiny Tim"
LaVern Baker
- Atlantic

"Mama's Got A Bag Of Her Own"
Anna King
- End

"The Shift"
Dave "Baby" Cortez
- Clock

"Gotta Keep Rolling"
Rosco Gordon
- Old Town

"Little Miss Soul"
The Lovettes
- Carnival

Dave "Baby" Cortez
- Clock

"Mighty Fine Girl"
The Redcaps
- Decca

"Don't Bring Me Down"
The Pretty Things
- Fontana

"It's All Right"
The Kinks
- Pye

"You Don't Mean Me No Good"
The Jelly Beans
- Eskee

"Without Your Heart"
St. George & Tana
- Kapp

"You're Good Enough For Me"
Spyder Turner

"Cigarette Ashes"
Jimmy Conwell  
- Mirwood

"Back Up Baby"
The Sophisticates
- Sonny

"A Little Bit Hurt"
Julien Covey & The Machine
- Island

"Come On And Dance With Me"
Eddie Quinteros
- Brent

"Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow"
The Preachers
- Columbus

"She's Coming Home"
The Zombies
- Parrot

"You're Mean"
B.B. King  
- Bluesway

"Louisiana Woman"
Lightnin' Hopkins
- Jewel

"Cry Me A River"
The Sophisticates
- Sonny

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