A slice of Mod pie. A cross section of the sounds that make up the Mod audio ethos. let this hour soak in and the experience is bound to shake you to the marrow. An eye-opening trip created for you so you might understand ​“us”.

Show Notes

The Playlist Is:

"If You Want To Hold On"
J.T. Parker  
- Academy

"I've Got A Woman"
Ray Charles
- Atlantic

"You Got Love"
The Sa-Shays & The Royal Impalas
- London

"If Anybody Asks You"
Dixie Hummingbirds
- Peacock

"Paint It Black"
Chris Farlowe
- Immediate

"Nobody Loves The Hulk"
The Traits
- Queens City

"Got To"
? & The Mysterians
- Million Seller

"Oh That's Nice (Parts I & II)"
Pete Rodriguez
- Alegre

"Boss Lovin'"
Larry Williams
- El Bam

"That's What Happens"
Howard Tate

"I've Gotta Find Her"
The Cavaliers
- RCA-Victor

Bob Brady & The Con Chords
- Chariot

"Share Me"
The Eccenttrics  
- Applause

"Tossing And Turning"
The Ivy League
- Cameo

"Lonely Summer Girl"
David Box
- Joed

"Don't Let The Joneses Get You Down"
The Temptations
- Gordy

"I Mess Up Anything I Get My Hands On"
Joe Tex
- Epic

"I'm Not Ashamed To Beg Or Plead"
Jimmy Hughes
- Volt

"All We Need Is Understanding"
General Johnson
- Invictus 

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